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qOMR – Exploring Diverse Applications in new 5 publications

It is remarkable and inspiring to watch the diverse range of applications facilitated by the PhenoSys qOMR. In the five latest publications at hand, the qOMR has been key in provid ...

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Unveiling the Hidden Players in How Our Brain Navigates

Introduction Our brain is like a fascinating puzzle, and the hippocampus holds a special piece that helps us find our way and remember important moments. But there’s still a l ...

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Tracking natural substance use with home-cage monitoring

Tracking natural substance use with home-cage monitoring How well do your animal experiments reflect what’s going on in real-world situations in humans? Translatability is one ...

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Practical guide for Calorimetry – Measuring metabolic activity in small animals using the CaloBox

In the life sciences, measure metabolic rates in model animals is on the rise in recent decades. In part, this rise tracks the growing research into metabolic diseases like diabete ...

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Cracking the multisensory code: a conversation with Janelle Pakan.

Janelle Pakan, PhD, is a group leader in neuroscience at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. She runs the Neural Circuits and Network Dynamics group which focus ...

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The CaloBox – A letter from Prof. Heldmaier

The CaloBox is the result of several decades of development by the German physiologist and zoologist Professor Gerhard Heldmaier. After a  professorship in metabolic physiology at ...

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A new gene editing approach restores visual acuity in mice.

It is an exciting time for vision research. New biotechnologies of gene editing are showing potential hope for restoring vision in patients with congenital vision loss. One such di ...

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I recognise that house, we’ve been here before.

The radio tower on the hill outside town, the house with the pink door on Old Street; we invariably use strong visual stimuli as navigation markers. In mammals, cognitive maps r ...

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Why do you see your car everywhere after buying it?

Repeated rewarding objects are processed in the visual cortex with greater weight. By Fred Schwaller There is a concept in psychology called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, al ...

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