qOMR-XT - Vision testing for rats

qOMR-XT frontal view

The optomotor response measurement (OMR) is a proven method to assess visual function in rodents. The PhenoSys qOMR-XT extends the qOMR product line to applications where larger animals, such as adult rats are to be studied. It is a unique system that objectively measures the OMR with minimal experimenter effort. Based on real-time head tracking, quantitative OMR measurements automatically provide visual acuity and contrast sensitivity. This is a PhenoSys Collaboration product brought to market together with its developer, Dr. Friedrich Kretschmer.


Hardware features

  • Suitable for adult rats
  • Calibrated 4 screen environment for presenting the virtual stimulation cylinder
  • Elevated central platform for placing the unrestrained animal
  • Top and bottom mirrors to create the illusion of infinite depth for optimized stimulation
  • IR-camera for automated head tracking independent of coat color
  • Adjustable IR-illumination
  • Anti-reflective (and protective) shields for the screens
  • Filter set for scotopic measurements
  • Differently sized pedestals for rats and mice

Software features

  • Video-based real-time tracking of head movement is used for both:
    1. Continuous automated position-adjustment of the virtual cylinder to the animal´s head position.
    2. Evaluation of head movement synchronous to the stimulation for a quantitative measure of the optomotor response. This analysis is fully automated.
  • Batch run option with multiple stimulation protocols.

General application areas:

  • Characterization of vision
  • Screening for vision defects
  • Tracking of disease progression and recovery
  • Phenotyping of new breed lines
  • Quantification of treatment response


Characterisation or preclinical testing in relevant disease models, for example:

  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal degeneration
  • Diabetes
  • Aging
  • Restoration of vision


Investigation of various aspects of vision in mice and other rodents:

  • Visual acuity
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Spectral sensitivity
  • Temporal sensitivity
  • Simple, robust, and non-invasive test to examine vision in rodents
  • Fully automated measurement and analysis: no manual positioning of the stimulus, no specially trained experimenter required, time and cost effective, and unbiased
  • As a reflex, optomotor response measurements do not require animal training
  • Freely behaving animals, no surgery, no fixation
  • Flexible, user-friendly experimental design and data handling.

qOMR-XT with opened lid

qOMR-XT with wheeled stand

qOMR-XT with rat on pedestal