RFID technology is ideally suited to build or upgrade custom test arenas with animal identification or localization functions.

Phenosys’ IDspyder is a ready to use package which allows adding position or individual tracking to an existing arena. RFID tagged animals are reliably detected and tracked through time and space by the provided IDsensors. The PhenoSoft Control software logs all detections events for later analysis into an accessible data file.



Wong K, Wang ZC, Patarino M, Baskin B, Lee SJ, Schindler AG (2023). Socially Integrated Polysubstance (SIP) system: An open-source solution for continuous monitoring of polysubstance fluid intake in group housed mice. Addict Neurosci. 2023 May 5;7:10.1016


  • Based on RFID-technology
  • 24/7 operant experimentation and observation system
  • Compatible with commercial or home built systems

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology identifies and tracks individuals within a group of animals. All animals need to carry subcutaneous transponders. These transponders require no battery and are powered by the electro-magnetic fields emitted by the RFID-Readers.

An IDspyder setup consists of the following:

  • IDspyder central processing unit with power supply and Ethernet connection
  • up to 32 sensors (flat or ring antenna)
  • PhenoSoft acquisition software

IDspyder with eight flat mount readers

RFID sensors

  • ring antenna (for tube mounting)
  • flat antenna (for cage mounting)

Installation example – here two ring antennas allow to track also the passage direction