PhenoSys Products and Applications

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Our products are used in a wide variety of animal behavior for basic and applied research, where customized and standard tests matter. Here are some product applications where our measurement solutions have proven to be invaluable.

Activity monitoringMultiMouseMonitor24/7 surveillance of group housed animals
Colony RackLong term observation of large cohorts in multi-cage environments
AgeingColony Rack, Activity indices, spatial preferences, roaming entropies
qOMRVisual Acuity, contrast sensitivity
MultiMouseMonitorLong-term analysis of activity patterns
Alzheimer's DiseaseJetBall
Animal sorting for combining group housing with individual testingID-SorterFully automated 24/7 experimentation for individual operant procedures, based on RFID.
Decision makingJetBallT-Maze
SteeringWheelVirtual decision task
IndividualityColonyRackIndividual development observation with common genetic background
Locomotor activity and distances, based on RFIDMultiMouseMonitorActivity indices, spatial preferences, roaming entropies
Metabolism and obesityCaloBoxIndirect calorimetry
Neural dynamics during navigation and decision makingVirtual RealityCorridor
Open Field
Odor StimulationOlfactometerPresentation of a single odor or multiple odors from one or two odor output lines
Parkinson's DiseaseMultiMouseMonitor
RespirationCaloBoxIndirect calorimetry
Social interactionqSIMQuantification of short or long term social interaction between two individuals
Vision and restoration of visionqOMRMeasurement of visual acuity
Measurement of contrast sensitivity