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Innovations are novel setups with new and improved functions. Our innovations are the result of many inspirational ideas from researchers, collaboration partners and our team. The best ideas were translated to prototypes. These have been rigorously tested in the laboratory environment and can now be customised to meet specific user requirements.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

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The ColonyRack is an innovative system for the automated tracking of a large number of mice in connected cages using RFID technology.

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Based on RFID technology, the IDrevolyzer combines animal friendly group housing with individual running wheel activity measurement.

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Small World for Rats

Small World for rats

The fully automated monitoring of the rat behavior in this quasi-natural environment allows the study of motivation and value based decision making.

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qSIM System

The qSIM is a novel, fully automatic system for social phenotyping by scoring social interactions between individual mice.

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PhenoSolutions system


Concepts for operator-independent systems for labor efficiency, diagnostic efficiency, diagnostic sensitivity and animal welfare.

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Visible Burrow System

A behavioral paradigm to assess social abilities. Based on proven PhenoSys ActivityMonitor RFID technology.

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