PhenoSolutions - Automated and Modular

Phenotyping with full automation.

Setups based on the PhenoSolution concept start with the home cage and with animals living in social groups. A gating system allows single animals to voluntarily enter neighbouring behaviour chambers. There, individuals are tested with the standard procedures developed for operant chambers or diagnostic devices. After a session, individuals return to their group. The group participates in experimentation 24/7. PhenoSolution systems range from simple dual-cage solutions (home cage connected to behaviour cage) to customer-designed multi-dimensional environments (multiple group cages, multiple behaviour cages or diagnostic devices, also on multiple levels). Setups are available for both mice and rats.
PhenoSolutions stand for:

  • Automation for high throughput and higher data reliability
  • Automation for reducing experimental labour
  • Automation for animal welfare and the 3Rs

Features and your benefits:

  • Based on RFID for individual access to cognitive testing chambers
  • Combination with automated Isometric Pull Task for testing motor function
  • Combination with PhenoSys high-resolution running wheels for diagnosing motor function.
  • Combination with Activity Monitor for individuals reveal day/night activity
  • PhenoSolution systems can be fully integrated into standard cage racks for space efficiency
  • All units are controlled by a single software
  • Simplified animal maintenance through the use of standard cages and components
  • Animal participation is voluntary, stress-free and based on the motivation to explore the environment and seek reward
  • Operator-independent systems for labor efficiency, diagnostic efficiency, diagnostic sensitivity and animal welfare


Read more about the modules and combine them for your needs.



For individual access from group housing to a testing arena.

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Activity Monitor

Measuring individual activities within a social group.

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PhenoSolutions system

Turn-key Solutions

Complex, automated setups for long term, housing group based measurements.

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