Detailed view

Voluntary running activity is a most useful parameter for the assessment of the individual conditions of mice. Running wheel assays are commonly applied but suffer from the lack of group interaction. The IDrevolyzer combines multiple running wheels with animal friendly group housing. PhenoSys’ RFID technology allows to identify the particular animal that is using a wheel at any given time. Parameters like total activity and maximum speed are therefore automatically assigned to individuals.

The IDrevolyzer was developed in close cooperation with preclinics GmbH, Potsdam.


  • Based on RFID technology
  • Up to 48 cages with running wheels in a single rack
  • Tube connections between cages for free movement across cages
  • RFID sensor at each running wheel for animal identification
  • Integrated data acquisition for wheel activity and ID
  • Animal friendly group housing
  • Unattended 24/7 data collection
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • All data collection from outside of the cages
  • Early detection of pain, suffering, distress, or harm

IDrevolyzer with running wheels and tube connections

IDrevolyzer with one level of interconnected cages, wheels, and control monitor.

Detailed view of the IDrevolyzer

Single cage with running wheel, RIFD electronics, and tube connection