Collaboration –
let's team up

Benefits for all.

PhenoSys Collaboration systems are offered in partnership with inventors who often come from an academic background. Typically, we will manufacture the hardware and take care of marketing and distribution while our collaboration partner provides the software that operates the experimental system.

Our collaborators benefit by having an experienced partner turn their invention into a commercial product while continuing to be involved in further developments with an increasing community of users.

Customers benefit from the short invention-to-market cycle for innovative technology. Also, customers save time and money from not building a published technology by themselves, and furthermore, receive valuable customer support.

Do you have a concept or prototype you think would be suitable for PhenoSys? Then please contact us.

qOMR system for measuring optomotor response


The PhenoSys qOMR measures quantitative optomotor response with minimal effort.

Dr. Friedrich Kretschmer

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CaloBox - System for indirect calorimetry


The CaloBox is a novel turn-key solution for indirect calorimetry of small animals.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heldmaier

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