RFID technologies - Tracking and task automation for mice and rats

RFID based tools for measuring activity, location tracking, and automation of behavioral tests.

RFID technology is an ideal tool for long term studies of group housed animals. Standardized RFID implants allow the fast and accurate identification of animals which can be used for position tracking or access control. Different sensor types and geometries allow a large variety of applications.

  • Reduced operator interaction
  • Animal friendly group housing
  • Continuous 24/7 operation and data collection
  • Precise activity measurement for individuals

Typical applications of RFID technology in the context of measuring animal behaviour are:

  • Complex test arenas with automated access control to test chambers
  • Home-built setups with activity and position logging
  • Continuous measurement of individual movement and general activity


Scalable system for adding animal tracking to test arenas.

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For individual access from group housing to testing arenas.

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Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor

Measuring individual activities within a social group.

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IDsensor tube


RFID sensors for animal identification and tracking

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ColonyRack RFID system for activity tracking of mice


System for the automated tracking of a large group of mice.

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IDrevolyzer with running wheels and tube connections


Combines multiple running wheels with group housing.

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