Modular IDsensors


RFID technology is ideally suited to build or upgrade custom test arenas with animal identification or localization functions.

Phenosys offers modular packages of IDsensors that allow the integration of multiple receivers across cages or test arenas. RFID tagged animals are reliably detected and tracked through time and space by these IDsensors. The PhenoSoft Control software logs all detections events for later analysis into an accessible data file.

Our ColonyRack system employs more than 100 IDsensors to monitor a large group of animals.

A typical system consists of the following components:

  • Set of readers with wire connections
  • Interface unit with Ethernet connection and power supply
  • PhenoSoft RFID Control software package
  • Host PC


  • IDsensor with flat antenna for cage wall mounting
  • IDsensor with ring antenna for tube mounting
  • Double sensors for determination of movement direction
  • Each interface unit can handle up to 32 sensors
  • Compatible with Touchscreen and Activity Monitor
  • Tracking of individuals within a social group of animals
  • 24/7 data acquisition
  • Fast and simlple data analysis

Cage connection with dual ring antenna sensors allowing the determination of direction of movement.

IDsensor with ring antenna for 40mm diameter tubes.

Sensors with ring antenna (center) and for cage side/bottom (flat) mounting.

ColonyRack with ring antenna IDsensors.

IDspyder with 8 readers for custom installations. Up to 32 readers can be operated by one interface unit.

Typical detection range5 cm
Operating frequency125 kHz
Supply voltage5 V
Ring antenna tube diameter40 mm