The multi-channel Olfactometer provides fast and accurate odor delivery. It is a sophisticated tool enabling the assessment of activity in olfactory sensory neurons and the olfactory bulb. Our Olfactometer systems allow perfect control of multiple stimuli and of stimulus concentration as well as timing.

The preparation of high quality odor mixtures is a complex process. With the automated Olfactometer and its software, this process becomes a standard laboratory routine. The Olfactometer can be used and integrated easily for the behavioural assessment of odor-detection and for odor discrimination behaviour.

  • Multiple odor sources
  • Fast switching of odor pulses
  • High-pressure small diameter teflon tubing system
  • Mass flow controllers for accurate and pulse free gas flow
  • Concentration gradients and steps
  • Training, two-odor, and multiple-odor discrimination tasks

The Olfactometer can have one or two parallel channels leading to one or two separate odor delivery ports. Each odor channel is an air dilution odor delivery system.

The air flow through the odorant line is controlled by a mass flow controller (range 0-100 sccm/min). For most of the time, this continuous air (or nitrogen) flow is diverted through an empty vial without any odor substance. During odor delivery, the gas flows through one or several odorant vials. After exiting from the valve behind the odor vial, the odorant flow merges with the dilution air line. This is controlled by another mass flow controller (range 0-1000 sccm/min).

The port valve switches rapidly between odor and background gas streams delivered to the odor port.

Special valves are located in the main stream flow. This ensures continuous washing of the odorant residues and only negligible dead volume. After activation of the odor flow, its concentration stabilizes after 0.5-1 sec.

A final valve allows the switching of rapid onset/offset odor pulses delivered as transient stimuli. The dual synchronous 3-way valve with 4 ports and minimal dead space allows rapid switching between odor and background gas streams.

Thin Teflon tubing throughout the system ensures fast odor delivery and minimizes odor contamination.

Additional flow meters and manual gas valves allow matching of the flow rates of the background line and the odor line to prevent pressure jumps during stimulus application.

  • Olfactory stimulation with pure or mixed odours, concentration gradients
  • For electrophysiology or imaging studies of olfactory quality coding, e.g., in combination with a virtual reality system
  • Investigation of higher cognitive functions using odour
  • Translational research: test routines for specific human disease models.
Operating voltage100-240 V AC
WeightCa. 16 kg
Dimensions (Length x Height x Depth)51.5 x 44.0 x 29.5 cm
Flow rateUp to 1000 mL/min
  • Multiple combinations: 1 or 2 separate odour channels with 2 to 17 odours each, leading to 1 or 2 different stimulus ports
  • Can be combined with operant systems, e.g. JetBall-TFT
  • Operant schedule programming on request
  • Designed for typical small animal applications

8-Channel Olfactometer with description