Touchscreen Testing

With the help of RFID tags and the PhenoSys IDsorter our TouchScreenChamber is turned into an automated test system.

The automation of touchscreen testing reduces animal handling and operator labor. Furthermore, since animals are self-motivated they learn faster and accomplish more complex tasks. 24/7 operation optimizes the use of high activity hours independent of any human intervention. Mice collect the majority of their food intake during selfpaced task performance throughout the day.



Automated System for Rats:

  • Home cage wich ActivityMonitor
  • IDsorter for rats
  • TouchScreenChamber for rats
  • Connection Tunnels
  • Control PC with software

System overview:

  • Home cage
  • IDsorter
  • TouchScreenChamber
  • Connection Tunnels
  • Control PC with software



  • ActivityMonitor – adds continous activity observation to the housing cage
  • Rack Integration – inquire about compatibility and more details
  • Additional access control to further devices